Build your Own

ziffer breadboard

Z1FFER can be built on a breadboard. Above is how Z1FFER looked for many months before I had a PCB built. Here are the parts you need.

Part No. Description Quantity Supplier
SN74LS14N Hex-Schmitt Trigger 1 mouser
CD4013BE D-Flop 1 mouser
.22µf Cap .22µf Cap - 1.5mm lead spacing 2 mouser
0.1µf Cap 0.1µf Cap - 2.5mm lead spacing 1 mouser
1µF Cap 1µF Cap - 2mm lead spacing 2 mouser
10µf Cap 2 mouser
MAX662A 12V Switching regulator 2 mouser
2N3904 NPN Transistor 3 mouser
4.7k resistors 4.7k resistors 1 mouser
1M resistors 1M resistors 1 mouser
10k resistors 10k resistors 2 mouser
Arduino 1 mouser
Breadboard 2 mouser